1 year realizing God and following Jesus- A reflection

It’s been a year since I feel like my existence became super natural. This is pretty personal to share. I would like to take the time to reflect how my faith in Christ has changed my life.

My anxiety. Although I am no longer chronically depressed, my anxiety the past 3 years have skyrocketed. What has helped the most is putting my faith in God that He has the right and best path for me, that it will turn alright in the end. He foresees things I may never know and therefore rejection may be a redirection to something even better or something to weave you to grow into a stronger person. (Jeremiah 29:11) To be more prepared for what God has stored for you. Put faith in that God will provide for his children. (2 Corinthians 9:8) This has also helped me be less anxious about financials and to focus on things you can do now in front of you. This past year, God has spoken to me so many times to tell me everything is going to be okay through my lucky number, 15. It will show up in times of a lot of anxiety and stress and everything has always works out for me in the end. (1 Corinthians 10:13) How many times in the Bible God says to not fear? 🤔 (365 times–one for each day of the year)

My purpose to live and goals in life. Whew, this is going to be very personal and deep to share. When you have a strong will to die, your will to live has to be a lot stronger to overcome this. After being suicidal and depressed for a couple of years, I found a stronger strength to live and decided to try life again. However, I was still lost in what’s the purpose of living. For a small while, my purpose to live was just to enjoy what life has to offer and I was happy with that. That got shot down soon after because I found Christ. My purpose in life is not just to enjoy life, but to further His kingdom, His will, and fulfill His purpose for me. (Ephesians 2:10) God gave us our unique talents, hobbies, and aspirations for a reason.

I finally found who I am, a daughter of God. (1 John 3) If you understand who you really are, you will understand so much more about yourself. You will be grounded and you won’t waver when things in life try to shake you. You will not stutter when questioned. God has given me the strongest will to live even when I thought I didn’t want one.

How I view others. As if I didn’t have a lot of empathy and sympathy already, I have a lot more now. When you see people as creations of God, God’s children, made in His image, you will want to treat people better. (Genesis 1:27) There is a difference between being poor and spiritually poor. I think in today’s society, we don’t often see how spiritually poor others can be. Most of us are struggling internally and we need to have more compassion and patience for others. Everyday is a spiritual warfare battlefield. The Bible has said many times that out of everything God asked us to do, if anything, is to love one another. (John 13:34) We may disagree on things and have differences, but we need to have more compassion for each other.

My relationships. It is lonely having standards and boundaries. It can be even lonelier to be a person of Christ in a society that doesn’t know faith. Despite this, God is making it clearer to me my role in relationships and who I should be in relationship with. The Bible is a book on how live life the right way. It is the foundation and blueprint of life. (John 14:6) So much relationship trauma, bad ways of thinking, and mistakes could have been avoided if I and others have just followed what the Bible says. I could’ve saved a lot of effort and time. From all that I have written so far, we need to trust God’s timing because it’s THE best timing. And He has proven this time and time again despite my anxiety telling me otherwise. So to this day I’ve been working on trusting in His timing. (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Society and culture. I talked a lot about this in my previous paragraphs. It changes all the time like how the wind blows. I have learned that you cannot root yourself in society and culture because they have no roots, they change left and right all the time. If you do, you will be swept around and become lost and unstable. And a lot of things in society are toxic and will lead people astray. It is ultimately self serving. But through faith, there is peace in the storm even when it seems like you are going against the grain. If God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31) God ultimately wins in the end.

Gratitude. Today’s culture is emphasizing practicing gratitude is a great way to improve your mental health. Knowing God, it really becomes easy to have gratitude and practice it everyday. You will notice that even small things are blessings. You will realize even in bad experiences things to be grateful to God for. For example, I legit got into two car accidents within the past month. Yes obviously terrible situations, but thank God it wasn’t as serious as it could’ve been and I am safe.

A little background, I grew up not rooted in any religion. Plus, I didn’t think highly of religion. And an even stronger testimony is that at a young age, I didn’t think I was worth saving if God even exists. I seriously could not have gone through my first year of medical school without knowing God and rooting my purpose in this huge life commitment without Christ. I am new to faith and still working on studying the Bible. I am faaar from perfect, but I’m praying and working everyday to get to know Him better, to be a better follower, and to be a more godly daughter.

Feel free to reach out to me! I always love to know how faith plays a role in our lives. <3, K

4 thoughts on “1 year realizing God and following Jesus- A reflection

  1. You are such a talented writer! You really should write more because I believe you have the ability to touch a lot of hearts and minds of people who have the same beliefes as you as well as people that have differing opions..You’re just EXTREMELY talented! Would you mind if I shared your blog on my blog so my readers can start enjoying all of your writings as well?

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