All time Favorite Foundations and Primers

Starting up the makeup series going over my all-time favorite face products! I will be going over powders, blush, highlight, etc next! The main thing I love about the recommendations below is that they all look "skin-like" (aka not super matte and cakey) and they stand full-night out wear! Most are really affordable as well! …

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Music featured and Artists I love

The main reason I feature music on my page is to share artists and songs I love that are so underrated and need more love. If you love these songs and artists as much as I do, help me support them as much as you can! Songs I've featured:

Make up empties of 2019

The start of my makeup series on my blog! I will be going into all my holy grail and makeup favorites so stay tuned! I only had three (technically 4 if you count setting spray, but I put that in my skin care empties) makeup empties from 2019! Elf beauty shield powder: I like this …

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Valentines Day 2019 💖 X Outfit👗 X💸Dinner

Valentines day dinner was omakase styled and it was so good! Here's what I ate. It took place inside in the Sequoia Sake brewery. Hence, we had to ordered a bottle of their sake, so we went for the nama. 😅   My favorites was the miso soup! The flavors of the marinade of the …

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Valentines Week 2019

Been busy with midterms, my new job, and upcoming finals (rip). Here's some highlights of my Valentines week in SF! Didn't get a picture but if you have a chance to try olive oil ice cream from Salt & Straw AMAZING!!! Unique but so good!! 🍦 Much love, KV