Long awaited Hiatus update!

Hello everyone, It has been almost a year since I last posted 😅. 2020 has been craaazzzy so now that my life is more on track and stable, I'm excited to be working on more blog posts and share my love for beauty, wellness, and travel! This whole past year, I been adding to my …

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All time Favorite Foundations and Primers

Starting up the makeup series going over my all-time favorite face products! I will be going over powders, blush, highlight, etc next! The main thing I love about the recommendations below is that they all look "skin-like" (aka not super matte and cakey) and they stand full-night out wear! Most are really affordable as well! …

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Music featured and Artists I love

The main reason I feature music on my page is to share artists and songs I love that are so underrated and need more love. If you love these songs and artists as much as I do, help me support them as much as you can! Songs I've featured:

Make up empties of 2019

The start of my makeup series on my blog! I will be going into all my holy grail and makeup favorites so stay tuned! I only had three (technically 4 if you count setting spray, but I put that in my skin care empties) makeup empties from 2019! Elf beauty shield powder: I like this …

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Valentines Day 2019 💖 X Outfit👗 X💸Dinner

Valentines day dinner was omakase styled and it was so good! Here's what I ate. It took place inside in the Sequoia Sake brewery. Hence, we had to ordered a bottle of their sake, so we went for the nama. 😅   My favorites was the miso soup! The flavors of the marinade of the …

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