Skin care empties of 2019

I went through a lot of skin care related stuff this year and not all of the stuff in the photo is included in what I went through. Since there's a lot of Tatcha might as well discuss there products first 😅. That's my first bottle of the essence and I am still using it! …

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My Night-time Skin care routine🌃

Hello everyone! It has been a WHILE since I last posted on this blog. Life has been quite a roller coaster and if you follow my Instagram there is a small glimpse of that. I will do an update blog post section under Journal about what's been going on in my life, so stay tuned …

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My morning skin care routine

My days this quarter usually start at 8am, so I usually quickly get ready, grab lunch and start walking to class. My face gets greasy overnight so I start of using this cleanser on my face: One thing I like about this is that its a foaming cleanser, so I don't need to add water …

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