2022: The Best Moments are Yet to Come PT. 1

Look at me being on top of this lets go! I decided starting this year to split this into two parts so it’ll be easy for me to recall stuff… 6 months at a time XD.

January: School started the ground running w/ the heme/onc block being one of the hardest. More things in my life manifested like getting free jewelry and reviewing the pieces. Literally wrote in an IG post I wanted to be a jewelry model and look at me now haha. Had to deal with a flat tire for the first time but that’s an adulting thing off the list I guess. Being all access backstage at ARMNHMR was the most unexpected but absolutely amazing experience. Spent LNY away from home for the first time, but my med school friends always have my back. I’m so grateful for them 💕

February: Winter just feels long in Norcal because of how cold it gets. Had a fun galentines day and went snowboarding for the first time! It was fun, but I definitely need more practice so I don’t fall on my knees all the time and bruise them. With my time in Socal towards the end of the month, I visited the Huntington Library and gardens for the first time and it was beautiful. I did not expect it to be so big. I caught up with a friend and took some professional photos while we were there. A week later, I went to the Remedy conference by the Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA). I am thankful that I was sponsored to go and housing provided by one of the professors at my school. It was really great to get to know more people in my chapter and the 4th years that also went with me. The view from the home I was staying in Riverside was beautiful, look at that view!

March: The weather was starting to turn around. Almond blossoms were in bloom and found out it was a thing for baby goats to graze on the grass on the island. So here’s a photo of a lot of them behind my house. I went to NYC for spring break and saw Epik High for the first time that night :D. It was great visiting friends from the city and just getting a break-ish after a huge 6 hour exam. Also random, a picture of the majestic big dipper one walk at night.

April: Was super lucky with COVID because I had very very mild symptoms, ie. runny nose, irritated throat. I recovered pretty fast too! After NYC, I realized a lot of trauma and behaviors I thought I healed from, but noooope. So, I got pretty depressed about that and finally went to therapy. Highly recommend, even just to have a 3rd party person to talk about your day. This month was also the start of a lot of health anxiety, especially after that punch biopsy, I wont go into details. Some simple moments of happiness was studying at cafes in Napa and going to the farmer’s market, taking walks and finding the sunrays through the trees. I also was able to stay in Socal for a week and explored Temecula and had so much fun since a long time. I also made smores by a fire, which I haven’t done for a long while too. My school had a cultural fashion show and it was really fun!

May: Maybe one of the best months of my life wow. Despite studying for finals and being depressed, I pulled through and did well! So I should be very proud of myself for completing my 1st year of medical school! I filmed a GRWM on Youtube and I definitely felt like a beauty influencer haha. I went archery shooting for the first time and I really like it! Also tried a new sushi place and mannnn, I can’t recommend Gurume Sushi enough. I also got my first tattoo and I am really happy with it. It didn’t even hurt, bless. And unexpectantly, I went to EDC for all 3 days and sill surprised to this day I survived well. Still sad I couldn’t find 2 outfits I stored away for it, but I think I pulled the other outfits well. Then a week later I went on my years long anticipated trip to Egypt. Definitely felt surreal and so thankful to finally see the pyramids, let alone climb into the Great Pyramid of Giza like no way. Also was scared for my life riding a camel, I felt like I could easily fall off any moment. I also was able to soar above the Valley of the Kings on an air balloon at sunrise. I don’t like heights but it wasn’t really scary and had a smooth landing.

June: Orange bay has my heart. It is an island off the coast of Hurghada and yachting around the Red Sea was so fun. We saw dolphins and went snorkeling at coral reefs. I went parasailing for the first time and it was super cool! Our last day there I did ATV around the desert for the first time and it was fun, but a bit scary with how fast it goes. A week after coming back from Egypt it was my sister’s college graduation and the speeches this year were fire and accurate how post grad life is, haha. Had fun on the weekends when I started doing full time clinical research such as exploring Japan town and clubbing in LA. I think being away from home and being stressed about research had me feeling down for most of June. Also got into a car accident and I am totally fine, but that did a number for sure.

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