What it takes to cosplay as Yor Forger, the Thorn Princess

I recently went to Anime Expo for the first time and Yor Forger was definitely the it girl to cosplay. However, her Thorn Princess outfit was the only one that would arrive in time so that is what I went for ^^”. Here are the nitty gritty deets:

The outfit:

The best version to purchase would be the one with a cross ties on the back to cinch your waist. The shape and cut along the chest is on the lower side so sticky bras are a must. I don’t have a lot in the breast department so stickies where you can cinch for more cleavage is also a must 😂😅. The length of the middle strap across the chest was a little too long due to that so I had to use a safety pin to shorten it a bit. I used my black sock boot heels and it blended perfect with the stockings.

The makeup:

Good thing Yor does not wear elaborate makeup, it was pretty simple. I just made it more amped up, haha. I used the same products in my everyday holygrails. Just to be more extra, I did red eyeliner using the Colourpop liquid liner. For contacts, they are actually an orangey amber color, but it was close enough and you can always edit on Facetune 😅. TTdeye is my go to for colored contacts. After looking at all my cosplay pictures, I find it was a super good idea to contour your cleavage if you don’t have a lot in that department and it shows great in photos 🤌 It just made the whole look more accurate. A contour stick or bronzer will work.

The hair:

Is a blessing I already have Yor’s hair. I just took a bigger chunk of my layered hair in the front and used hair gel to make it into one strand (though overtime during the day it didn’t hold, so maybe add hairspray too). I tied the rest of my hair into the bun in the back and used clip on bangs.

The AX experience:

Always go early, like get there by 8am if anything because the lines are loooooong and you won’t find parking if you’re late. Don’t need to be paying $70 (overheard another person, rip). I was definitely surprised how many people wanted pictures of me only and with me, haha. Didn’t really think I was the most accurate Yor out there, but I appreciated getting to meet new people. I also got asked out, hahaha: “Yor, can I be Yors?”. 😂 I felt really bad towards the end of the day since I had to say no to pictures because I was trying to catch my parents in time to pick us up. 😭 If time allows, I’d like to come back next time and come back for at least another day and meet all yall too. 🥹💕

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