2021: The Start of the Most Beautiful Moments in Life

Making this a tradition on my blog of doing a monthly recap of each year and see how much has happened and how I have changed as a person. Almost totally forgot about this and its waaaay overdue T.T

January: Started the year with lots of Genshin and on a luxury lip product spree, haha. Finally got out of a toxic job and was looking for a new one. Funny enough, asked my friend for advice and she said, “why don’t you try tutoring?”. And then I got my first tutoring job 2 hours later ^^”. Other than that, nothing out of the usual ie., studying forex, making beauty content, hanging out with friends :).

February: Got a cosmetic procedure done that I really wanted for the longest time. Also got two fine jewelry pieces I’ve wanted for years as well. Continued to be on the grind and worked two part time jobs at one point and then transitioned to the latter, which is a tutoring company vs free-lance. Hit a $100 day on forex and was so proud of myself. Caught up with college friends and had a fun picnic. I remember at this time I was feeling a bit down, most likely because I didn’t get much closure from a significant time in 2019. My thought process during this period of my life before med school started was to enjoy the free time I have as much as I could.

March: Bought a tablet for an insane deal and it is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I started my journey completing mindfulness journals from the brand, The Happiness Planner. I started off with Healing and Relationships journals first. Started hanging out with my soul sister and did a biking lesson at sunset for the first time! I was super out of shape but it was so fun!

April: Reflecting in my journals at Morning Lavender has become a regular self-love treat for myself. To no surprise, I always got the rose latte. Visited the SD Flower fields with my family for a day and took really nice pictures. It was a nice trip just spending time with family. Went on a professional photo shoot for the first time to help advertise grad photos and it was really fun! It was a full day thing and the Chico state park flower fields felt like I was in another world.

May: This was a huge month of a life shift. Had the most anxiety ever, which marked it was time to find ways to manage. Finally felt ready to move on and met a wonderful person who I am still friends with today. Got an unexpected text, sort of closure, and probably broke a heart. I felt guilty, but the only life I’m responsible for is mine. Worked on getting all my health requirements for med school and had fancy afternoon tea (more like brunch) with my sister at Morning Lavender. 😍 (Included a drawing one of beloved students made for me; such a genius ❤)

June: Man this was a fun and crazy month. I went to NYC with a friend for the first time and visited friends I haven’t seen in years. Fell in love with an omakase place I randomly found on yelp, and came to realize it was 3 weeks old ^^”. The staff at omakasebykorami was the sole reason I wanted to come back one day. Had a wild phase and fell in love with the city. I also FINALLY met THE Starry Night painting and was soooooo happy. (Imagine my disappointment it wasn’t in the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam when I was there). Started my oyster phase and Pandora jewelry phase ^^”. ALSO, THE ucla IG made me and my bestie FRONT COVER of their IG post and I dieeeddddddd. Will never live this moment and flex down. Another special moment was I realized I was truly happy for the first time in years. (Still makes me cry thinking about it) 🤧

July: I was really living life to the fullest…maybe a bit too much, haha. I got wasted on the 4th and totally missed everything x.x. Had a last final hurrah with my bestie having fun on the beach and went clubbing for the first time in forever with friends from TX. The months leading up to now I started feeling sad hanging out with friends in the moment, because I knew it was gonna be over soon and my life as I know it will never be the same once school starts. Despite this, my friend group showed me so much support and that meant the world. I ended my job on my birthday, the last day of work. I hung out with a friend for my birthday the day after, feeling a lot of anxiety about the impending life change. My lucky number, 15 showed up on a buzzer and it marked a huge moment in the beginning of a spiritual journey (little did I know). I moved to NorCal two days after my birthday and started my journey in med school. A funny story, the fear of killing my landlord’s plants while they were gone was the only anxiety that had really kept me up at night to this day, HAHA.

August: Med school started! And it was a stressful transition with the work load we were given. This first biochem block, I studied super hard to prove myself I can do medschool… and do it well. I scored a STD above the avg and was over the moon! Had the honor of studying a cadaver and surprisingly adapted well to anatomy lab. Got my white coat and stethoscope and it still didn’t feel real. I definitely felt like I aged 5 years 5 weeks into med school XD. I befriended my neighbor’s cat, Fooz, who is such a blessing to so many students. Super grateful for the friends and TBL mates because they are divine blessings.

September: Month of many Jewish holidays so I had a lot of fun. So many little blessings in my life, but the butterfly effects led me closer to realize Him. I also went home for a few days because I was getting home sick. Got my first traffic ticket, yay adulting. My Socal friends came to visit for Secondsky and we had so much fun there and exploring the Bay area together. I appreciate yall 🤗🥰

October: Finally 10 weeks later, I had my hybrid white coat ceremony. I didn’t really think much of it because we just took a ton of exams right before and was sorta dead. It was a surreal moment and it still hasn’t hit me to the extent how hard I worked for this moment. The amount of friends that put in their time to watch and celebrate this moment in my life was such a great reminder that I have people in my life that care for me a lot. Thanks yall T.T. I had many wonderful small moments like studying at a coffee shop, celebrating my friend’s birthday, and cosplaying as Hu Tao (my birthday twin) for Halloween. Ooh, I did help lead the dance component in my class’s music video, haha. ^^”

November: Around this time I realized it was Him all along and became a Christian. So many things since 2019 have led to this moment and I’m still trying to process all of it. You can actually see the seasons change in NorCal, with leaves changing red and falling. I went iceskating for the first time in a long time and was actually able to skate this time. Had a wonderful friendsgiving and made a greenbean casserole for the first time and people like it T.T. The commute back home for Thanksgiving could’ve been prevented and hence I have a grudge regarding this incident to this day ^^”. Finalllyyy got to gogh to the Van Gogh exhibit (haha) after all the rescheduling and it was really cool.

December: Was a surreal moment finishing my first semester of medical school… and coming out thriving. It was a bittersweet moment tho due to another thing, but I had so much fun celebrating it with my first friends in med school. We explored SF and Sausalito. We had hotpot at home and showed off my amazing plating skills HAHAHA. Met with my college friend for the first time since we graduated and was so happy. We kept up with each other through fb video so it felt surreal we were seeing each other in person. I celebrated friendsmas and the world felt so right. Thank you for making me feel like nothing changed. During winter break, I finally got the time to start reading the Bible and continue on my spiritual journey. 🙂

If you read this far, I am highly impressed you are interested in my life ^^”, srsly tho. Thank you for reading my annual recap diary despite me posting this half a year late. Subscribe to the email list etc down below ❤

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