Skin care empties of 2021, would I repurchase?

Hi everyone! Long time no post! I am doing well and first year of medical school is kicking my butt; however, I am managing it a-okay! I will post a makeup empties of 2021 as well so stay tuned!

Starting from R to L in the collage:

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Cream x2: Holy moly I am a fan for life. The texture of this cream is so hard to describe. Its like a thick gel consistency and is great for combo and oily skin that needs more hydration during the night; hence, I use it as a night cream. I love rose anything so the rosewater scent is divine. It is on the pricey side but I always buy this on sale and I think its totally worth it. Will keep repurchasing and have some back ups atm.

Huda Beauty Silk Balm: First off, the packaging is so pretty–holographic. The consistency of this liquid lipbalm is great and the smell reminds me of lucky charm marshmallows. However, the balm at times irritate the edges of my upper lip, most likely from the ingredients. Hence, I won’t be repurchasing this and it is pricey for an everyday lip product.

Nature republic’s Aqua Watery Essence: Took me a while to finish this. It claims to be an essence but really its a super light weight moisturizer. Like think of a light weight moisturizer and make it lighter/ more watery. I would not recommend purchasing this and there are better quality essences out there.

CeraVe Resurfacing Retinol Serum: This year I decided to try adding retinol into my night regimen. Best decision everrrr. It has definitely changed my skin and helped with acne scars and smoothing out my complexion. This one is 1% so it is a great beginner serum. I am finishing my second one atm. Highly recommend.

klair’s UV Essence: This is one of Korean sunscreens that did not live up to its spf claim in the scandal. Either way, I did not like spf essence consistency. Its liquidy and very thin so its hard to layer this with other skincare. Its too thin and watery to put as the last step, so it feels better to use it as the essence step. It does take a bit for it to dry down clear so its not that great if your in a rush. Overall, I would not repurchase this.

elf CBD Lip oil: Still obsesseddddd. True lip oil and is minty so it does make the lips tingle a bit. I am currently on my second one.

DRMTLGY Peptide Cream: The brand has gotten more popular which I am happy for them. I was expecting the cream to dupe the beloved Drunk Elephant one, but it is slightly different. The texture of this cream is more whipped and not as thick as DE’s. I didn’t notice a difference in my skin after finishing the jar; hence, I would not recommend this cream. It is also n the pricier side so I would recommend buying this on sale if anything.

Innisfree green tea mist: Because it is in a spray can, the mist is perfect every. single. time. Its fairly priced and you get 5 oz. I like to use this to wet my make sponges and brushes. Currently on my second one, and will try their black tea version once I’m done.

Nature republic’s Aqua Watery cream: It is a nice inexpensive light-weight moisturizer. It does have a light fresh artificial fragrance and has a watery silicone dry down. After going through a couple jars, I have found better moisturizers as the ingredients in this one isn’t too special. Hence, I would not recommend purchasing this and there are better out there.

Meebak Cica Cream: As you know I stan this brand and I hope more people will support this brand. If you have dry skin this is a great cream for you. Not sure if it has a new formulation, but the cream is more on the heavier fragrance side ( a con). It’s a great night cream that leaves you shiny. However, the cream is easy to transfer to the pillow, as I am a side sleeper. Hence, I personally wouldn’t buy this again due to my circumstances. ^^” You can get a discount on their site with this link!

elf Holy Hydration Face Cream x2: First off, the consistency is like DRMTLGY’s peptide cream but more watery. Hence, I do not like the consistency because spreading it on your face its thicker and thinner when you spread it around your face and takes a while for it to dry down to settle. I didn’t notice much improvement with this cream, so I wouldn’t repurchase.

Tatcha 24k lipbalm: Especially in this day and age, I do not like balms in jars as it is less sanitary. Its a nice thick balm, but real gold in a lip balm does not justify buying this. Tatcha products in general are expensive so I would rather spend my money on their other products if anything.

Let me know which products you’ve tried or want to try! I would love to know your empties and recommendations as well, so let’s keep in touch below! 🙂



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