Long awaited Hiatus update!

Hello everyone,

It has been almost a year since I last posted 😅. 2020 has been craaazzzy so now that my life is more on track and stable, I’m excited to be working on more blog posts and share my love for beauty, wellness, and travel!

This whole past year, I been adding to my list of content I want to bring on the blog and is going to be great! For example, I am planning to bring on makeup look books, my medical school journey, and much more on this platform!

To celebrate the end of my hiatus, I am TRIPLE posting new content this upcoming week!

  • My skincare for flawless skin (day time)
  • My skincare for flawless skin (night time)
  • 2020 recap

You can join my email list or follow me below to be updated on all the new posts I’ll be pumping out! Or better yet, follow me on IG @thekaiserkaren for more content and glimpses of things I do on the daily. If you have any content suggestions leave them down below!



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