All Time Favorite Blushes

Yaaaasss my favorite makeup product at the moment. Seriously my makeup preferences have changed so much the past year. I was definitely (and still am) a cool/ neutral brown shade girl and pink brown nude is the most pink I would ever go. And now, here I am, loving pink blush and brighter lip and eyeshadow colors! 😅

I’ll review my current blush collection from L-R then L-R of the middle two products. I will include links to the products if you are interested in purchasing my favs!

Bourjois Blusher: Rose Frisson 54 – Oh boy a top favorite. A neutral pink with a natural sheen. Super smooth application and you can go heavy handed and it doesn’t look too much. Its a cute small compact great for to go/ travel. The only cons is it has a strong floral scent so if you can handle Cody airspin powder, you can handle this. Also, the little brush it comes in is useless, so I just threw that away. 😅 One of my favorite purchases from Paris and its drugstore!

Kiko Milano Glow Fusion Powder Blush: Let’s Coral – Also got this from Paris 😁 Its a dupe for Nar’s Orgasm blush. Kiko milano is an absolute favorite affordable but amazing quality makeup from Italy but is located everywhere in Europe. I visited their stores in Spain, Italy, and France because I was hooked, ahaha. I use this blush more as a topper since it has a almost highlighter like gold sheen.

Hourglass Ambient Light Edit- Luminous Flush – Hourglass as usual, amazing powder formula. Super smooth and pigmented neutral pink shade. Its not a flat matte blush, so it looks more skinlike. As you can see, I am savoring the last of it in my palette because I don’t want to run out and it’s pricey 😂

Nyx Powder Blush: Pinched Feel bad to say its Nyx’s old version/packaging so I have this blush for who knows how long. Same pink shade as the Bourjois and the Hourglass blush. This blush was a back in the day dupe for Nar’s orgasm but does not have a highlighter like gold sheen as Nar’s. Its a more matte, with barely there gold natural sheen. I go heavy handed with this and I have barely made a dent.

Honest Beauty Creme Blush: Peony Pink The same pink shade I keep buying, lol. I caved and bought this after the Tati kept raving about this. I love this if you want a more natural look/ want a creme product. It isn’t super sticky and blends evenly on the skin. My only con is its faster for me to apply powder blush than take time to blend a creme product, so I still prefer powder blushes. Also if you don’t set the creme blush, it makes it easier to rub off/ move if you touch your cheeks.

On to the middle row!!!!!

Em Cosmetics Magic Hour blush ✨

Em Cosmetics Magic Hour blush: Woooooow. Definitely a blush like no other–a bronzer and blush all in one. It is on the pricier side, but you do get a lot of product. It is multidimensional in that it has a medium tone pink shift when hit with the light, but a coral/bronze color when not. Therefore, if hit with a light straight on, it looks like a luminous pink blush in the center, and more a coral/bronze color on the side of your cheeks, giving you an illusion like you also put on a little bronzer–wow crazy.

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Blush: Bikini Bod- I know, what, a liquid lipstick as a blush? YESSSSS one of my makeup secrets!! Any sheer matte liquid lipstick like Kylie’s lip blushes or Colourpop’s blotted lips and luxe liquid lips look amazing as a long lasting liquid blush. I just dot some of the lipstick on on my cheeks and blend with a sponge and it gives such a soft matte, smooth, your skin blush. Also great product when you are on a rush because its a blush and lipstick all in one! I love finding ways to use products for other purposes and I have another secret like this coming up when I go into mascaras 😉

Hoped you like my mini reviews of my blush collection. Again, not sponsored, etc. I just love blush and makeup in general and love to share my favorites that are worth the money! I will be posted everyday for the next week to makeup for my hiatus so stayed tuned via email notifcations or like my page below!



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