Make up empties of 2019

The start of my makeup series on my blog! I will be going into all my holy grail and makeup favorites so stay tuned!

I only had three (technically 4 if you count setting spray, but I put that in my skin care empties) makeup empties from 2019!

Elf beauty shield powder: I like this powder and the closable sifter. I actually have a backup of this I am trying to get through. However, I would not repurchased because I already have a lot of setting powders. If you can get past the strong fragrance in Coty airspun, I would recommend it better since its more finely milled, blurring, and you get a huge tub for the cost.

BH cosmetics HD brow pencil: My holy grail brow pencil. Brow wiz can’t beat this. It gives you the most natural but filled brows I have ever seen. I have dark brown almost black looking, but thin brow hairs. So although I do have a lot of brow hairs, my brows look barely there. With this, my brows are filled but not too dark or dense that I can’t see my own brow hair definition peeking through. I bought one to try to replace my brow wiz, then went back to buy 5 more (yes 5 more) during a sale. On my second one!

Nyx Black matte liquid liner: The best liner ever. My holy grail liner. I’ve gone through one this past summer and on my second one. I was looking for a wonderful liner that can replace my stila and essence liners since they were inconsistent and doesn’t give me a full black line all the time. Nyx’s liner does buuuuttttttt what wins me is how thin the brush is. Due to my hooded eyelids, I need to draw an extremely thin liner so you can see I have lid space and not many brush liquid liners have a brush that can do that. Great consistent black formula, doesn’t bleed, doesn’t look cracky, and doesn’t disintegrate on contact with water (not 100% waterproof).

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