South Korea Spring Break 2019 ✈ Part 2

PEK➡ICN Hope you all enjoy this multipart series of my 11 days 10 nights trip to South Korea 😊 Okay onto part 2!

After we finally landed in South Korea and took the subway system and lugged all of our things in the bitter early night freeze ( I say freeze because almost every night on our trip was in the 30’s F) finding our Airbnb, we went a few blocks with our host to go eat. Took this screenshot from my snapstory, it is a korean soup with lamb rib. It was really good and it definitely warmed our cold bodies. Let me tell you, I’ve never experienced this constant level of cold ever in my life during this trip and I definitely gained brown fat or cold resistance after this trip hahahaha). Our host Jungho (hello if you see this!) was amazing. He spoke and understood english and chinese really well and we became really good friends. He studies really hard to be a physical therapist woooo go Jungho! 😍🙌

The only picture I have of my room is my favorite painting (plus points) 😍😅

I’m sad I don’t have a picture of our rooms, but it was super clean, warm, and comfortable. Jungho hooked us up with electric heaters and you bet we put them on max everyday 😅 After we ate we went straight asleep for a full day of activities.

1st full day in South Korea

First stop for brunch was the famous Kwang Jang Market which is a giant street food hub. The whole ceiling was filled with different national flags and I felt tourists were really welcomed here. Shown here, my roommate had fish cake soup. We went around other vendors and got kimbap, red bean porridge, and fried pancake (pajeon?).

After we explored and ate at the market, we went across the street to find a bathroom (lol) at Starbucks. Let me tell you, korean starbucks won my heart. It was cherry blossom season so there were a lot of cherry blossom themed drinks and starbucks cups. LOOK HOW PRETTY OMG. I ended up buying a thermos and this cherry blossom matcha latte. BEST MATCHA LATTE OF MY EXISTENCE. You actually taste real matcha and its a generous amount. Sweetness of the cream and milk was on point, not too sweet. You can’t really taste “cherry blossom” but the drink was pink and was still amazing. And it was so cheap! A grande of this was about $6. 😭Over the entire trip, pretty much every time I saw a Starbucks, I ordered this. 🌸

Nearby, we went shopping at the I-park in Seoul. The H&M there had UCLA gear LOL insanity. Definitely realized our school’s international prestige. 💙💛(There was either one or no USC shirts…so 🤷‍♀️). The hoodie was cheap about $30, but not super great quality. The mall included a multi-level food court and I snapped a Vietnamese restaurant (middle pic) that is suppose to say Em mới, translates to I invite you. A pho bowl was $10, so pricier/becoming the new norm price for pho. Didn’t get it because didn;t want to risk eating non authentic pho. 😅 One of the CVS in South Korea. (Abbrev CU for CVS for you) had True Beauty character themed perfumes and I thought that was so cute! I heard the webtoon series will become an actual drama which is sooo exciting! If you haven’t read True Beauty on webtoon, you are really missing out!

South Korea travel advice: So SK main type of meat for kbbq is pork, not beef like in the states. Beef is very expensive and rare at kbbq places because SK doesn’t really grow cows there. They mainly raise pigs, hence mainly pork based kbbq. A bus and a cold walk to Sodo Nori, a kbbq place that was AYCE and had beef was our late dinner. It was good, but quality and variety of beef wasn’t amazing. Bill came out to be a little over $20 per person so was not worth it. After eating out for the second time in SK, it pretty much confirmed to me locals here drink a lot of soju and quite often 😍😂 ( I mean how can you not when a bottle of it is literally about $1 at the convenience store) 😱

I think we walked out in the bitter cold to find our subway station and headed home for the night. We didn’t really buy anything at the mall except Gong-cha milk tea and yes, we were at the mall for 7 hours. Probably an hour or so of it was locating my lost phone (a horror I will not speak of but I am extremely grateful for my friends trying to find it for me) Tip: Do not lose your phone in a foreign country and ask yourself periodically where is you phone?) 👍

Thank you for reading Part 2 of my spring break trip. Part 3 will be up soon so stayed tuned by either following my blog or get email notified when I post on the bottom of the page! I had an unexpected immense response to part 1 so I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for following me my new space buddies!😭😘❤

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