South Korea Spring Break 2019 ✈ Part 1

Woo! This took forever to get on and life has been quite a roller coaster since I’ve graduated from college a week ago 😱 But a good pro is that I have a little more free time to focus on me and this blog 😍 Hope you all enjoy this multipart series of my 11 days 10 nights trip to South Korea 😊

So my roommates and I left late Wednesday night finals week after our finals because our flight was Thursday 1 am. I guess I was so comfortable with my mismatched socks and sandals that I walked out my apartment door in them and didn’t notice until we were in line at the airport. LOL 🤦‍♀️ Therefore, the only sports shoes I was going to bring for my trip aren’t there 🤷‍♀️ (big trip mistake will go into detail why in part 2!)

We were on a flight with a layover in Beijing and we also got our first airplane meal. I do not recommend the beef with noodles. The noodles were bland egg noddles and the beef and sauce tasted like …not food LOL. Everything else was good but from personal experience, I do not recommend eating any uncooked vegetables and salads planes provide because you never know how washed or clean they are.

It was kinda hard to fall asleep on the 12 hour flight so I didn’t get that much sleep, probably 2-3 hours if anything. 😢 But the cheap airport food at PEK airport made it a lot better.

Food was so cheap! Holy smokes!! My combo although not a full meal was like $3… for all of that. INSANITY! (LA prices rip) I got 3 dumplings, a sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf, and a good 6-8oz hot soy milk. We had an 8 hour layover, hoping we could get a 24hr visa to leave the airport and eat, but a lot of immigration issues happened and we didn’t have enough free time. Was quite frustrated because I planned to see the Great Wall or actually step foot into a chinese city there. Thankfully, this fast food chain saved the day and I can’t read chinese, but I hope you all try this chain out if you ever encounter it!

The drink machines here are also amazing!!! They had milk tea for 5 yuan which is 75 cents!!! WHAT! It is not as good as milk tea at boba shops because it was more watery than milky since they used milk powder instead. However, if you like milk tea thats lighter and less sugary as boba, then you will like this as much as I do. And for the price? How can you be too critical? 😅

ALSO! The terminals at PEK maaaaannnnn so long and so much walking! But what stood out to me was down the long halls of terminals, there were rows and rows of REAL orchids! And they were all blooming with perfection! WHAT IS THIS?! I couldn’t believe all these orchids were real and weren’t wilting or losing flowers. Having all of these must be so expensive.

We played some card games at our terminal for 1-2 hours before our flight from PEK➡ICN and soon we were finally off to South Korea! ✈🌏

Thank you for reading Part 1 of my spring break trip. Part 2 will be up soon so stayed tuned by either following my blog or get email notified when I post on the bottom of the page!🔔👇👇👇

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