Seattle 2019 x Day 3


✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•✫Day Three✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•✫


I slept in and around 11am, we went to Pike Place and looked around the markets and stores. We went to this booth that sold different pastas. One was made with chocolate and you can definitely taste the cocoa😲. I bought this pasta that I cant wait to try, it has a spices taste that I think would go well with a lot of meats.

Image result for Pappardelle's Pasta of Pike Place Market
Pappardelle’s Pasta of Pike Place Market -Flickr

Afterwards–what I’ve been waiting for– was the famous Pike place chowder, I did a flight because I couldn’t decide! I think my favorite was the seafood bisque chowder 😍

From L to R, top to bottom–New england, Smoked salmon, Seafood bisque (my fav), Seared scallop

We then went to Ballard, a city near Seattle. There was a farmers market and it was nice to walk around. We were in a downtown area, so there were many shops on both sides of the streets. The gem of it all was Miro tea shop. Its just amazing! If I opened a tea shop, it would be just like it. There were so many different teas and drink. You can have a heated tea pot for your table and they use actual tea ceramic tea cups!


Miro Tea shop

I bought a gaiwan that came with the pouch there instead of tea, since I was already full from lunch beforehand.😅

Image result for miro tea

We ubered to the japanese garden but didn’t find out till we got there it was close in the winter 😅 so we went back home and went to the airport early so we can just relax and eat our Banh mi from chinatown 😁

Our airbnb host was kind enough to drive us to the rail station because we were to stingy to uber a mile to it. 😂😂😂

I definitely would visit Seattle again (luckily we went that weekend because the following weeks it was snowing!) Miro tea please come to California LOL. 

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Thank you for reading about my Seattle adventure!

Much love,



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